Booster Power Bank

  • Energy
  • Freedom

All great things are simple and simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. So why should the stuff you use every day be so complicated? Booster Power Bank is one more proof that it should not.

Futuristic design, pure shape, LED battery indicator ensure ease of handling. Smart chip technology preventing damage to devices is an additional advantage.

Use it everywhere you go. Have more time for books to read, music to play, ideas to realize and stories to write. Have more time to live.

Now it is so easy to recharge your batteries in this fast-running world. Live in the moment!

Feel. Drive. Believe in yourself.

Size: 12.5x6.5x3.9 cm
Capacity: 4400/6600 mAh
Battery type: Lithium-ion
Weight: 130/170 g
Material: plastic

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